The Utility of a Specific Object, 2011
Acrylic and oil on MDF panel
Set of 5 panels
29.375 x 11.5 inches (74.6 x 29.2 cm) each part
93.5 x 29.375 inches (237.5 x 74.6 cm) installed
Collapse, 2011
Acrylic and oil on MDF panel
14 x 21.375 inches
35.6 x 54.3 cm
Anthropometry, Untitled, 2010
Acrylic and oil on panel
47.875 x 23.875 inches
121.6 x 60.6 cm
A Parallax View of Dematerialization, 2011
Acrylic and oil on MDF panel
Set of 2 panels
24 x 12 inches (61 x 30.5 cm) each part
24 x 28 inches (61 x 71.1 cm) installed
Matthew Metzger
September 9 - October 15, 2011
LOCUS is a project that takes on a consistently vague, yet ever perplexing subject: space. Its purpose is neither an attempt to further its definition, nor to elucidate its character, but rather a simple appropriation of spatial ambiguities as a way towards Abstraction in painting now. The now that is demarcated by the stoic blocks of Minimalism and Conceptual Art after having been stacked, re-arranged, and designed to meet the standards of the Contemporary. Where more often than not it feels as though our enthusiasm for objects has been exhausted. So in this moment of fatigue, the space of LOCUS is one of distance between body and object, that slippery, fluctuating place between signified and signifier, and the effects that objects impress upon us as that distance collapses.