Listen (to da beat), Wall Series (extension with wall spirits), 2008
Mixed materials, microphone and sandbox
Approx. 93.75 x 107 x 17 inches (238.1 x 271.8 x 43.2 cm), overall
Microscape I, Microscape Series, 1967
Watercolor on paper
20 x 20 inches
50.8 x 50.8 cm
Spectator/Participant, Visitation Series, 1991
Charcoal on paper
48.25 x 36.25 inches
122.6 x 92.1 cm
Metamorphic Gestation, Metamorphic Series, 2013
Charcoal and texture gel on paper
29 x 22 inches
73.7 x 55.9 cm
Visitation, Visitation Series, 1971-72
Pencil on paper
16.25 x 16.25 inches
41.3 x 41.3 cm
The Last Rites of the American Sex Hero #1, 1971
Acrylic on paper
14.25 x 15.25 inches
36.2 x 38.7 cm
Point Reyes, 1974
Ink on paper
13.5 x 15 inches
34.3 x 38.1 cm
Children of Society 12, Children of Society Series, 1968
Charcoal and conté crayon on paper
26.25 x 26.25 inches
66.7 x 66.7 cm
Study from Nursing Home, c. 1987
Charcoal on paper
26 x 19.75 inches
66 x 50.2 cm
Gist Intrusion, Gist Series, 2008
Charcoal, conté crayon and texture gel on paper
17.25 x 36.25 inches
43.8 x 92.1 cm
Amigos Saguaros, Saguaro Spirits Series, 2000
Charcoal and texture gel on paper
30 x 22 inches
76.2 x 55.9 cm
Gist Enigma, 2006
Charcoal, conté crayon, and acrylic on paper
14 x 13.25 inches
35.6 x 33.7 cm
Elegy for Michael: Passage Through the Valley, Metamorphic Series, 2010
Charcoal and texture gel with collage on paper
36 x 29 inches
91.4 x 73.7 cm
Gist Invasion, Gist Series, 2005
Charcoal and acrylic products on paper
17.25 x 36.25 inches
43.8 x 92.1 cm
Children of Society 1, Children of Society Series, 1967
Pencil on paper
23.25 x 18.25 inches
59.1 x 46.4 cm
Visitation in the Valley, Visitation Series, 1976
Etching/Aquatint on paper
18.25 x 24 inches
46.4 x 61 cm
Yo Soy un Hombre, Figurative Series, 1971
Acrylic on paper
25 x 21 inches
63.5 x 53.3 cm
Metamorphic Figuration II, Metamorphic Series, 2010
Charcoal on watercolor paper
30 x 22 inches
76.2 x 55.9 cm
Figurative abstraction, c. 1989
Charcoal and conté crayon on paper
21.75 x 32 inches
55.2 x 81.3 cm
Co-Habitation, Metamorphic Series, 2010
Charcoal and texture gel on paper
17.5 x 15.75 inches
44.5 x 40 cm
The Conversation, Visitation Series, 1972
Pencil and chamois on paper
16.25 x 16.25 inches
41.3 x 41.3 cm
Other Voices - Other Spaces: Urban Spirits, Wall Series, 2007
Acrylic and mixed media on canvas
48 x 89 inches (121.9 x 226.1 cm)
Visitation at Saguaro Ridge, Saguaro Spirits Series, 1997
Charcoal and texture gel on paper
28.25 x 36.25 inches
71.8 x 92.1 cm
Saguaro Duo, Saguaro Spirits Series, 1992
Charcoal and texture gel on paper
30 x 22.25 inches
76.2 x 56.5 cm
Cliff structure, Spirit Voices and Other Secrets, Metamorphic Series, 2013
Charcoal, conte crayon, and texture gel on watercolor paper
43.5 x 28 inches
110.5 x 71.1 cm
Other Voices, Other Spaces: Jesus Saves/Angela, 1992
Acrylic, texture gel, and collage on paper
21.5 x 16.25 inches
54.6 x 41.3 cm
Secret # II, Wall Series (extension), 2008
Acrylic and latex on board, rope, slave shackle
69 x 73.75 inches (175.3 x 187.3 cm), overall
Metamorphic Rock Structure #1, Metamorphic Rock Series, 1980-82
Acrylic on illustration board
16 x 14 inches
40.6 x 35.6 cm
Untitled, 1980
Watercolor on paper
14 x 17.5 inches
35.6 x 44.5 cm
Visitation at Saguaro Ridge II, Saguaro Spirits Series, 1998
Charcoal and liquitex texture gel on paper
28.25 x 36.25 inches
71.8 x 92.1 cm
Enigmatic Spirit Wall II, Wall Series, 2008
Acrylic collage with mixed materials on watercolor paper
29.25 x 36.5 inches
74.3 x 92.7 cm
Secret # V (with Spirit Voices and W's), Wall Series (extension), 2009
Acrylic, latex, stucco mix on board, rope, chain, Georgia granite
60 x 73.5 inches (152.4 x 186.7 cm), overall
Portrait of the Artist, Blindfold Series, c. 1990
Black Gesso on paper
23 x 30.5 inches
58.4 x 77.5 cm
Sa Gua Ro Spirits, Saguaro Spirits Series, 1997
Charcoal and texture gel on paper
48.25 x 36.25 inches
122.6 x 92.1 cm
Secret # III (with Animal Spirit), Wall Series (extension), 2008
Acrylic and latex on board, cable with chained form
58 x 73.75 inches (147.3 x 187.3 cm), overall
Pathetique... A Detroit Sonata, Wall Series (extension), 2014
Mixed media on board, metal chain, dried flower coated in resin
36 x 49 inches (91.4 x 124.5 cm) overall
Valley of the Shadow, 2000
Charcoal and texture gel on paper
28 x 36 inches
71.1 x 91.4 cm
Metamorphic Cliff Structure with Spirit Elements, 2013
Charcoal, conté crayon, and texture gel on watercolor paper
43 x 28 inches
109.2 x 71.1 cm
Larry Walker
June 9 - July 22, 2016
From June 9 through July 22, Sikkema Jenkins & Co. will present a solo exhibition of work by Larry Walker. Curated by his daughter and gallery artist, Kara Walker, the exhibition surveys nearly 50 years of Mr. Walker’s artistic production. The exhibition features several dozen works on paper in a range of mediums and styles dating back to 1967 as well as mixed media paintings from the past decade.
Reflecting the social upheavals that began in the late 1960s, Walker's Children of Society series, which constitute the earliest works in the exhibition, attempts to negotiate the will of the body against graphic constraints like weights, walls, and limited horizons, representative of an oppressive social order. This marrying of figures with graphic symbols and landscape is a recurrent theme in Walker’s work, as is particularly evident in his Metamorphic and Saguaro Sprits series, which can be seen as questioning our response to nature as well our relationship to each other. Urban blight and human resistance is considered in Walker’s Wall Series. Including both collaged works on paper and canvas, the series incorporates newspaper and advertising images that are torn and painted over.
Organizing the exhibition was a deeply personal experience for Kara Walker resulting in a more nuanced understanding and appreciation for her father and their relationship as both family and fellow artists: “Organizing this exhibition is part curatorial inquiry, part familial legacy. As a daughter I am pressed to uncover clues to my father’s hidden self, as it has long been apparent to me that his work offers insight into his humanity. The drawings - figurative and abstract, landscape and “innerscape” - are the background hum of my life from infancy on. However as an artist I seem to be at cross purposes, on one hand exposing Larry Walker’s work to a wider public and critical inquiry while negotiating the departures and liberties I have taken in my own work on the other.”
A Georgia native, born in 1935 as the youngest of eleven children, Larry Walker traces his trajectory across the United States. Following his father’s death in 1936 and the onslaught of the Depression, his family members began to migrate to new locations in search of a better life. Walker was raised in Harlem, New York where his interest in art flourished. After graduating from the High School of Music & Art (now Fiorello H. LaGuardia School of the Arts), Walker relocated to Detroit for college, receiving both his B.S. in Art Education and M.A. in Drawing and Painting from Wayne State University. 
In 1964 Walker began his long career as an educator at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California where he was a professor and later chair of the Department of Art. In 1983 he accepted a position in Atlanta as a professor and director of the art program at Georgia State University. He retired from the University in 2000 and currently lives outside Atlanta with his wife Gwendolyn. He continues to make art in his home-studio and is represented in Atlanta by Mason Fine Art Gallery.
Walker has an extensive exhibition history. He has been the subject of over 40 solo exhibitions and has participated in over 200 group exhibitions since 1971. His work is in the collection of the High Museum in Atlanta, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia and The Studio Museum in Harlem, among others.